William Paynter

The Jumbos were a small class of open, double-ended luggers introduced exclusively to St.Ives during the mid 1880’s. The modern Jumbos are replicas of some of the smallest (20ft 6ins LOA) designed by the renowned boatbuilder, William Paynter. Although rigged in the same way, Jumbos were significantly smaller than the other luggers which earned them their ironic nickname. With all the characteristics of the dipping lug rig in an easily manageable form, the Jumbo is an ideal boat on which to learn.The replicas were researched and built by Jonny Nance in order to encourage the community of St.Ives to engage with the sea and each other and even kindle a sense of pride in the town’s almost-forgotten maritime heritage. The idea caught the public imagination and took off. Today’s Jumbos are operated by the St.Ives Jumbo Association – a charity of some 450 members. For more info see www.jonnynance.com

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