3RD TO 5TH JULY 2020


There aren’t many harbours in the world where one can still scull a classic vessel through the ‘gaps’ – ours are 11 meters wide and attract some of the most experienced sailors to enter under sail, by oar or engineless. It’s certainly a sight to see.

Join us for three days of action-packed festival fun, on the water and around Mousehole’s picturesque harbour.

Sea, Salts and Sail is a biennial Maritime Festival in the Cornish village of Mousehole. Founded in 1996, Sea Salts aim was to preserve the identity of the community as a working fishing village and to celebrate its maritime past. The harbour and waters outside the ‘gaps’, are the main focus over three days. There will be a full programme of events, including: sculling and sailing races, activities especially for the children, live music, fun and games, traditional craft demonstrations, open artists’ studios, great stalls and of course, plenty of local fare to eat and drink. However, the main focus will be on dozens of traditional vessels that aim to arrive from around mid-day on Friday and sail throughout the weekend.

Latest News

We are honoured to be joined by Spike Davies this year, who will open the festival early on Friday evening. As well as being an extremely experienced sailor, Spike is one of the four nominees is Classic Boat, as their 2020 Classic Boater of the Year. Spike (and many volunteer friends) were instrumental in flat packing (into a container!) a dilapidated twin-masted 1878 Lowestoft Drifter in Germany, getting it to Cornwall and then rebuilding her over many years. Gleaner (LT64) was just sailing again for our last 2018 festival and now, this 60ft (excluding bowsprit and outrigger) is a maritime treasure to be preserved and enjoyed. Gleaner is also one of six nominees for the Gstaad Yacht Club Centenarian of the year award. Please vote online

"Once upon a time you could look down on the channel between St. Clement's Island and Mousehole Harbour and see one of the largest Cornish fleets of luggers, heading out to their fishing grounds. Sea Salts and Sail will re-enact that scene as over forty traditional boats with similar tanned sails, leave the port, tacking back and forth inside and around the island. This festival really reveals Mousehole's close relationship with the sea. From kids paddling at low tide, sculling races, to the harbour packed full of historic vessels, it’s when the village really comes to life. It will be a very nostalgic scene whether you are a spectator on the shore or a participant under sail - be there! The best way to arrive is by classic boat, of course - I'll be on the 40' lugger Barnabas."

Toby Floyer - Skipper of lugger Barnabas, 1881 St Ives mackerel driver (Cornish Maritime Trust)