The 2024 festival is over and out! The list of the boats and our dazzling array of entertainment will remain on the website until the next festival in 2026.

NEXT FESTIVAL – The next festival will be in 2026 and the date will be announced in late 2025. Please keep a watch on socials for the announcement.

VOLUNTEERS – Huge thanks to our 200+ volunteers as we couldn’t make this amazing festival happen without them.



The festival is free to attend and this is only possible through donations, funds raised and the time given by our volunteers. If you’d like to be a volunteer in the future, please email

Latest News

Lizzie Black Original Now Sold

The specially commissioned painting by Lizzie Black has now been sold. Huge thanks to Lizzie for giving her time for free to create this very special piece which has helped to raise funds for the next festival.

"Once upon a time you could look down on the channel between St. Clement's Island and Mousehole Harbour and see one of the largest Cornish fleets of luggers, heading out to their fishing grounds. Sea Salts and Sail will re-enact that scene as over forty traditional boats with similar tanned sails, leave the port, tacking back and forth inside and around the island. This festival really reveals Mousehole's close relationship with the sea. From kids paddling at low tide, sculling races, to the harbour packed full of historic vessels, it’s when the village really comes to life. It will be a very nostalgic scene whether you are a spectator on the shore or a participant under sail - be there! The best way to arrive is by classic boat, of course - I'll be on the 40' lugger Barnabas."

Toby Floyer - Skipper of lugger Barnabas, 1881 St Ives mackerel driver (Cornish Maritime Trust)

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