Silver Stream

Silver Stream was built in 2004 by the Falmouth Marine School, however, she’s a true replica of an 1892 Sennen Cove Crabber. The original was registered as PZ468 for the Nicholas family in Sennen. From here, she fished mainly for crabs and lobsters but reputedly sailed as far as the Scilly’s in good weather. It’s believed she was fished commercially until the 1930’s, after which no records exist. She’s now owned by Glenn and Clare Morris and sails as part of the Cornish Maritime Trust out of Newlyn.

She is built in the traditional fashion of larch planking on sawn and steamed oak frames, copper and bronze fastened. Spars are of Douglas Fir and the rig follows the original dipping lug design. She is solid, stable and a very capable 22ft 4’’ open dipping lugger. With a 14hp Beta marine engine, she can also be rowed and sculled.

A part of Silver Stream’s role within the CMT, is to help train younger members (and keen older members!) to sail a dipping lugger. The trust hopes this eventually gives crew the confidence and experience to skipper a larger more historical vessel, such as Barnabas.

The aim of the CMT is to help preserve a fraction of Cornwall’s maritime heritage, by maintaining and sailing four working vessels from the days of sail: Barnabas 40ft 1881 St Ives Dipping Lugger, Soft Wing 24ft 1900 Truro River Oyster Dredger, Ellen 17ft 1882 Gorran Haven Crabber and Silver Stream. We have a lot of fun sailing, but also work closely with our community of members on the maritime history and skills needed to maintain traditional vessels. Our vessels sail from Falmouth, Newlyn and Mousehole. The yearly membership is from £30 each to £40 a family.

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