Mascotte was built in 1904 by Thomas Cox & Son in Newport, Wales. After completion, Thomas became her owner and a Bristol Channel Pilot. At 65ft, Mascotte is believed to be the third largest Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter ever built. She was twice as heavy and 10ft longer than most others and now, the largest surviving. Built to be seaworthy, sea kindly and fast, she made Thomas Cox a wealthy man. She once even sailed around Lands End to Dover to pick up a ship bound for Newport. The opulence and Edwardian grandeur below deck was reflective of how successful the Pilots were and more importantly, how they liked to live at sea. Mascotte was completely refitted at T Nielsen & Co, Gloucester in 1994. She now runs a variety of voyages, day trips and sail training, including work for the newly formed charitable organisation ‘Rich’s Boat’, formed in memory of her previous skipper, Rich Clapham. Owned by Mark Tyndall and based from Charlestown Harbour, Mascotte is now prioritising the provision of meaningful and life changing experiences on the sea.

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