Mallard is an 18ft Clovelly Picarooner built in 1984 by Terry & Martin Heard of Mylor. She is number six built. Lines were taken from the Picarooners used for herring fishing in and around Clovelly. These smaller vessels were used in order to land the catch earlier than bigger fishing boats, hoping to secure the best prices! There is a rumour that the original boats were based as ships boats, found after foundered Spanish galleons from the Amarda. But there is only anecdotal evidence for this. The name comes from ‘sea robber’ or ‘pirate robber’, a name given no doubt by the owners of the larger craft that had to wait for the higher tide before they could land their catch! At the height of the herring fishing, there were over fifty Picarooners fishing from Clovelly. The rig is much modified by Malcolm Gorram, the present owner. There’s a longer bowsprit, more rudder area and 20% more sail. There’s even a less intrusive outboard, set within an inboard well.

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