Jimbob is a GRP 16′ 6” (LOA 18′ 4”) Saltern’s Tela, she’s three-quarter decked and a is gaff rigged day sailor moored on St Michael’s Mount. Her design follows the lines of a 1911 ”seaker” boat named ‘Tela’, that worked out of Barry Harbour in the Bristol Channel. These were smaller versions of the famous Bristol Pilot Cutters and would put out into the Bristol Channel with a pilot on board, to meet incoming ships. Clearly the fastest boat out to the ship would get the pilot on first and earn the pilotage fee.  Tela was apparently the fastest of the seeker boats, working up to 10 miles offshore. The modern class was developed by Chris Libby who created a mould from the original Tela in Penryn Bridge Boatyard, Falmouth.  Jimbob was then built by Salterns Yard, in 2005. In 2012 the moulds were moved to Collars Spars in Oxfordshire where the boats continue to be produced. These pretty boats have a shallow draft (14″) with a centreplate, making them excellent river and estuary boats. With a reasonable weight of 540kg and a 50% ballast ratio and protective decks, they are capable of coastal passages. They are easy to handle single-handed, but can also take 4 people with comfort. They are very stable with good performance in light breezes, as well as having the capability to handle well in a blow. Owned by Paul Elliott in Marazion.

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