Girl Sybil

(PZ 595) was built in Porthleven in 1912 by the boat building firm of Kitto. She is 35ft, plus an eighteen foot bow spirit. Originally named the Patricia, she worked out of Newlyn as a pilchard driver. Originally a sailing boat, later motorised with wheelhouse added. Early skipper was Bob Vingoe (GH). The Patricia would have been renamed Girl Sybil when the boat was acquired by the Vingoe family of Newlyn. The owner named the boat for his daughter. His daughter was the manageress of the Stevenson Grocery shop in the Strand and later married Arthur Gribble. She acquired the boat on the death of her father in the mid 1930s. He died on the boat at sea. The boat was then sold to the Stevensons who retained the name and continued to work her as a pilchard driver throughout the war years. The fishing boat PZ 476 Margaret was towed in by Joe Carr, her engines caught fire at Lamorna in 1940, the crew were saved. Billy Stevenson joined her crew when he left school in 1943, aged 15, when the boat was engaged in pilchard fishing. Bobby Jewell worked on the boat at one time, fishing for pilchards. She is now owned by Louis Goddard.

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