Clio Marie

Clio Marie is a 46ft (LOD) Grimsby Smack built around 1895. Originally called Bertha, she had an extensive rebuild by Sid Fisher in Poole over a 10 year period and renamed Bertha Fisher when relaunched in 1985. Sid Fishers family had been boat builders for many generations and Sid, assisted by his father felled the oak trees in the autumn of 1975 and planked and seasoned them for five years before starting the rebuild. She was sailed as a yawl for many years, but is now reverted to a gaff cutter rig. She is massively built using 1 and ¾ inch oak planks on 4’’x4’’ oak frames, doubled below the waterline and mostly copper fastened. She is based in Falmouth and owned by Shane Carr.

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