Alert of Fowey

Alert of Fowey is a replica of an 1835 smuggling lugger, designed and built by Stirling and Son at Morwellham Quay, Devon.  Following her launch in 2007, Alert sailed to Iceland on her maiden voyage. Since then, she’s been owned by Tim Marchant and based from the River Tamar. She is 37 ft, however, overall length is 65 ft. Notable contemporary design features are the wide boards of clinker planking up to the whales, which are of oak, carvel and thicker. Relatively full forward sections above the waterline lead to an upright stem, while a deep and pronounced forefoot is the culmination of a fine entry below the waterline. The 11′ 3” beam of the vessel is comparatively wide, which gives a beam to waterline length ratio of less than 3:1. This lends the boat stability and an ability to stand up to a large rig. The long run leads right up to the tuck of the lute stern, which overhangs the sternpost by approximately 4 ft. The keel is straight and her depth of draught (6′ 3”) reflects her Westcountry origins. She is built of larch on oak with lead ballast and copper and bronze fastened throughout.

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